(Ikebukuro Crossroads × 2) [Arabic Yamato (Asaisai)] Izaya Kankin (Durarara!!) [Chinese]

(Ikebukuro Crossroads × 2) [Arabic Yamato (Asaisai)] Izaya Kankin (Durarara!!) [Chinese]

If I’m not what I hoped to be Richard is exactly what every guy wanted to be standing at 6’1” and built like he was cast down from Olympus to live among mere mortals the first time we met was when I was bringing in my last box and he was ushering out an attractive Asian girl from his room. We got to talking in the gym a couple days ago and it just happened.

Hentai: (Ikebukuro Crossroads × 2) [Arabic Yamato (Asaisai)] Izaya Kankin (Durarara!!) [Chinese]

Izaya Kankin 1Izaya Kankin 2Izaya Kankin 3Izaya Kankin 4Izaya Kankin 5Izaya Kankin 6Izaya Kankin 7Izaya Kankin 8Izaya Kankin 9Izaya Kankin 10Izaya Kankin 11Izaya Kankin 12Izaya Kankin 13Izaya Kankin 14Izaya Kankin 15Izaya Kankin 16Izaya Kankin 17Izaya Kankin 18Izaya Kankin 19Izaya Kankin 20Izaya Kankin 21Izaya Kankin 22

(池袋クロスロード×2) [アラビックヤマト (浅井西)]臨也監禁(デュラララ!!) [中国翻訳]

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