[Draltruist] Tharja/Sallya

[Draltruist] Tharja/Sallya

me “omg you are so insialy sexy my dick is actually throbbing right now” em “so why not return the favor like i did the other day send me a pic of your cock” i rush like a running back to get my web cam and head for the bathroom i snap a pic of me holding my cock up and send it to her email. Go back if i said something like i wanna slide my bottom lip over your balls and jerk you off till your ready to exsplode then take your whole cock down my throught as you cum!” and i dick gets as hard as itd ever been in my life as i cum all inside my hand me “wow i just came harder than i ever have in my life” em “so it was good” me “yeah you could say that” em “wanna do it again tommrow”
me “for the rest of my life” em “lol”

after a day or two ive all but stoped talking to the orgianl girl and even though we've never seen a picture of each other me and em have developed this electric chemistry with one an other espcaily when we fool around but even in regualr conversation a few more days go by and she feels confortable enough to send me a nude a pic of her on her back with her hand down her pants her long blond hear over one breats and her tonge dancing over top of the other with her steal blue eyes rolled in back of her head my dick swells up bad like tht 1st day.

Hentai: [Draltruist] Tharja/Sallya

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