Pervert 【Image ×4】Female Voice Actress These Days, Too Cute Walota WwwwwwNosebleed-boowwwwww Petite Teen

Pervert 【Image ×4】Female Voice Actress These Days, Too Cute Walota WwwwwwNosebleed-boowwwwww Petite Teen

my first story
my name is grace i am 15 years old and this is the story of how i met my true love over the summer
it all started on the first day of summer brake i was at the beach when the most beautiful boy i had ever seen walked right up to me an kissed me i said what was that for he said my friends dared me to go upto the sexiest girl on the beach and kiss her so i did my name is luke by the way an sorry if i offended you
i replyed no its fine and am grace nice to meet you
hi grace would you like to come to party later tonight
sure where and what time
it on the beach at around 9pm
sound great see you there
as i walked back home all i could think about was that kiss it was my first kiss and it was amazing he was amazing i couldent wait for the party tonight to see him again i decided to wear my pink strapless dress and sandles i done my hair and makeup and set off
as i got to the beach i looked all around for luke i found him with his friends by the ocean i walked up to him and kissed him he said with a smile what was that for
i said payback
he said i will have to rememeber that next time we meet
i said how do you no there will be a next time
he said cause i cant stop thinking bout you
i blushed every shade of red of there is
he laughed and asked me would i like to take a walk with him i said yes as we were walking he took my hand i said this is nice we came to a hidden cave we sat down he put his arms around me i was really nurvious he must have noticed cause he asked if i was ok
i replyed am fine i just really like you and am really nervious if i tell you something promise you wont laugh
he replyed i promise
ok well today on the beach when you first kissed me that was my first kiss i really like you an want to see you again if you want but you should know am not really the most experanced person i mean how old are you anyway
he said its ok that your not experanced that will come with time and am willing to wait till your ready for whatever an am 20 but i really like you to an want to ask you something now its your turn to promise not to laugh
i said ok i promise what is it
i want to ask you will you be my girlfriend
i said ok on one condition
he replyed with a smile what condition would that be
you kiss me all night
he laughed an kissed me it was the sweetest kiss all soft to start off with then it just kept building my breathing grew heavey so did he i lay down he got on top of me running his hands all over my bodie on my boobs while my where on his back all over his back i felt his bulg in his pants felt his hand moving over my belly lower to my thigh then up my dress he found his target my thong then he stopped and almost like it hurt him he asked
do you want to stop
i said no i want you all of you please dont stop
if you change your mind just tell me an i will stop right away ok
he began to kiss me again this time all over my neck my breathing grew heaver again i need him so much i took off his shirt he helped me take off my dress and his shorts now we were in our underwere this time i stopped him
he asked whats wrong do you want to stop
i said no but i have a feeling where this is leading i just want to know do you have condoms
he said am sorry i dont but i will pull out i promise do you want us to stop
i said no i want this
this time i kissed him i felt his hand go to my thong again this time his finger slipped inside it he rubbed it up and down my slit and over my clit the feeling was amazing he grew bould and placed a finger just inside me not going near my cherry but enough to send me into the most overpowering orgasim ever i screamed his name LUKEEEEEEEE till finiley it subsided he brought his lips to mine again and positioned himself on top of me i reached down and removed his short out popped his dick all 9inc of it he asked me are you ready
i looked him in the eye and said yes
then he kissed me and i felt him slowley push just his head into me it hurt a little then he pushed it till he hit my hymen he looked it to my eyes i nodded then he pulled out a little and with one more thrust he broke my cherry he was fully inside me now i screamed as he broke my hymen a tear fell down my face he kissed it away he dident move while i adjusted to his size after a few moment the pain eased and a amazing feeling set over my whole bodie
i told him he could begin a move a little now he kissed me and pulled out a little then pushed in again it felt so good he bagan to go a bit faster all the while saying my name i could feel the start of another orgasim again i told him to go faster he must have known what was happning cause his speed increased my bodie moving to meet his i could feel him getting bigger inside i new he was about to come he told me he was going to pull out but i was so near my cum that i told him not to stop i said please luke dont stop am cumming then i i felt it we both came together he push inside me as far as he could it felt amazing then i felt the first shot of his sperm i knew it was to late after what felt like about 5 mins of pure orgasmic bliss he pulled out it took us a few mins before ither of us could speek
he said am so sorry i just lost controlle
i said i did to i told you not to stop i new what i was doing
he took me in his arms kissed me and held me tight
he said well whatever happens am with you
i said thank you that was amazing did i do ok
he said you were amazing i dont think i have ever cum that hard before
i said well you werent so bad yourself
we both laughed then my phone rang i looked at it
he said whos calling
i said just my mum guess i gotta go home i dont want to i dont want this night to end
then a tear rolled down my cheek
he wiped it away and said it ok we will have loads more like this i promise though before you go we might want to take a quick dip in the water
i looked down there was dryed blood and cum all over us i blushed thinkin what we just done
he seen me blush and laughed
i play punched him in the arm he had the good grace to say ow but dident stop laughing till i joined in then its was time to say goodbye for the night he rang me when i got home we talked all night he promised to meet me at the beach the next day i asked him what we was gonna do
he replyed in a sexy voice i thought we could give you some more experance

part 2 anyone s

this is my first story so please be nice. .

Hentai: 【Image ×4】Female voice actress these days, too cute Walota wwwwwwNosebleed-boowwwwww

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