[Pixiv] Datsuma69 (29823356)

[Pixiv] Datsuma69 (29823356)

This was a rather awkward situation for both of us, mostly me not quite sure what to do stuck my hand up. Find out more His cock was still hard, but Becka had cleaned his cock, and was now working over his kinky haired balls, and finally leaned back satisfied that nothing, none of his precious cum was left!

Then quite proud of herself said to both of us, that is how it is done, and to Wesley, it will be easier next time as you now have become a man! Then to me, Diana up girl we have much more to do today! For me and even Wesley we were both spent, and it wasn’t noon yet!

Wesley slowly came to his senses pulled up his shorts and pants becoming more coherent all the time, as Becka said, give Diana a good kiss and tell her what a good black cock sex slave and whore she is going to be! I was still setting in the chair wet well used in sexual bliss as Wesley kissed me full on the lips taking what little breath I had away, OMG! Could he ever kiss as a young black horny male! I could hardly stand as She helped me up, and it was all I could do to make my way up stairs with her help.

Hentai: [Pixiv] datsuma69 (29823356)

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[Pixiv] ダツマ69 (29823356)

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